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Dear customers:
Based on the feedbacks from some individual users, we were informed that two lines of our wireless products W302R and W330R were with some security bugs in LAN(Local Area Network) environment, and it was also verified by engineers of Tenda after systematic detection. Our engineers are quickly uploading a service pack to fix the bugs, and we would suggest that our customer download it and upgrade your device timely to secure your network.The link of upgrade W302R firmware is below:
It was also verified by our engineers that the bug will not make your network system be visited via internet by strangers, so we can promise that there is no big security problem occurred. However, we would suggest that all the SME users who use those two lines upgrade them immediately just in case of further security problems.
Additionally, we promise that no other lines of Tenda have the same bugs after all lines were detected systematically by our engineers.
We are awfully sorry for our users who have suffered this, and sincerely thankful for those who have kept supporting us. Tenda will be addicted in eradicating bugs in our products although bugs have existed on networking products widely in the industry. We promise we will reward our customers with more advanced-secured products in the future.