Lightning speed

for home network


AC1200 wireless ADSL2+Dual Band Modem Router

What It Does

 D1201 is a 1200M ADSL2+Wi-Fi router all-in-one device specially designed for houses and micro enterprises which requires high Wi-Fi transfer rate. It supports the latest 11 AC technology, adopting dual-core CPU processor of broadcom, Wi-Fi transfer rate is up to 1200M to ensure higher speed & better signal. 2 external antennas & 2 internal antennas ensure better Wi-Fi signal with wider coverage; Wi-Fi router, ADSL2+Modem, switch,firewall are integrated on D1201. It also supports USB external printing and storage. With latest easy-installation technology, D1201 helps you surf the internet as you please.
D1201 supports ADSL、LAN ,compatible with global network, IPTV, bandwidth, safety setting, Wi-Fi bridging, anti-ARP defense are provided with excellent user-friendly design to satisty different requirements. 6000V lightning protection design ensures effective protection for products makes you can enjoy safe and healthy e-life even though it is thunderstorming days.
In one word, Tenda D1201 can provide a fashionable, fast-speed ,high efficient and healthy e-life for you.

Main Features

 1. Supports 11AC technology with Wi-Fi transfer rate up to 1200M.
2. 2 external antennas & 2 internal antennas ensure better Wi-Fi signal with wider coverage.
3. Dual-core CPU processor of Broadcom, Wi-Fi transfer rate is up to 1200M to ensure higher speed& better signal.
4. Easy to install.
5. Up to 6000V Lighting protection design to ensure self-protection to prolong its service life.
6. Supports ADSL at downstream rate of up to 24 Mbps & transmision distance up to 6.5Km.
7. Supports ADSL+ LAN.
8. IPTV is desinged optically to watch online IPTV smoothly.
9. Supports USB port for storage and printing.
10. Supporst advanced security encryption mechanism such as WPA-PSK, WPA-PSK etc. to ensure the information safety.
11. Supports bandwidth control, Wi-Fi WDS bridging etc.



Compliant with 802.11ac standard with wireless transfer rate up to 1200Mpbs

ConcurrentDual Band

5G and 2.4G smart concurrent dual-band interference, stable wifi coverage provides two channels
Less interferenceSignal stability
Multi-line equipmentLarge signal interference


Ultra HD TV

Transfer rate of up to 1200M build home top networks,the perfect support for 4K Ultra HD TV, home entertainment and enjoying speed


Core CPU

Dual core CPU is provided forbetter performance and stability

All-in-one device

ADSL2+ Modem, wireless router, gigabit switch and USB storage sharing in one device provides you one-stop networking solution

Powerful and Wide Coverage

With two 7dBi external antennas(2.4GHz) and twobuilt-in antennas(5GHz), easy to achieve better wireless coverage and wider coverage